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29 November, 2017by

The Mornings4 event was great, and that’s also thanks to the high presence rate we had. So, thank you for coming!

Last friday, November 24th, was a big day for our whole team. A day we all looked forward to. A day which we have been preparing for months because we wanted it to be a day you will never forget. And we actually think we did it pretty well!

It took some time but last friday it was finally there, the #Mornings4 event in the great Telefónica Tower Diagonal 00. The event started with some networking to start your day with a nice cup of coffee. Than, have a little chat with other visitors and have some fun in the stand-ups of HMYThe focus of Mornings4 reflected perfectly on HMY’s Virtual Reality Booths, Neurotechnology booth and the selfierobot of Pal Robotics!

This friendly Pal Robotics’ android was giving everyone a warm welcome and a great souvenir to remember the first edition of Mornings4 event, namely a nice selfie of you and the robot! After the warm welcome, all the attendees had the opportunity to put on the VR-glasses and, once the language was selected, a voice guided them through different rooms that made up a big high-tech lab which they could design theirselves! In the neurotechnology booth the attendees were able to do a real life test; measure the impact of the speakers during the whole Mornings4 event. The results were presented at the closing of the event, and the speaker with the most impact was…. Ignacio Villoch!

Ignacio Villoch was one of the many speakers of the Mornings4 event. The event started with the CEO of Marketeer Lab, Rudy Bianco who is also the founder of Mornings4. He started the event with a topic about “How imagination is aligning with technological advances”. Afterwards Kim Faura, CEO of Telefónica, spoke about “How our lives are changing due to the progress of humanity”. Right after it was up to Francesco Ferro, CEO of Pal Robotics. He spoke about something that sounds very futuristic but actually is happening right now; “The interaction between robots and humans”. If you talk about topics like this while you’re the CEO of a robotic company, why not bring with you? This is exactly what happened.

After Mr. Ferro and his robot, it was time for Ignacio Villoch, the innovation, communication and digital transformation shaper of BBVA. His topic was “Do we learn at the speed that advances technology? Can the work of the future be predicted?”. It seems like the perfect topic for a digital transformation shaper to me.

Next up was Alberto López Gonzáles, the person in charge for digital payment at Mastercard. Mr. Gonzáles spoke about “the user’s experience and the challenges of security”. The peak of his conference was at the moment when he introduced the Masterpass which ended up with a big applause. In fact, the Masterpass lets customers automatically pay. You can just walk out of the store and the amount of money will automatically be written off your account! The last speaker before the break was from HMY Group. Jose Angel Niubo spoke about “The purchase of the future that is revolving the retail and E-Commerce“. He already gave the audience a perfect preview in the stand-ups about his topic. For the people who haven’t tried it yet, this is the moment since the coffeebreak will be right after Mr. Niubo’s session.

After the break, we continued with the session of Francesc Saldaña about “How to make Barcelona the technological hub of scientific base”. As an investor from The Collider Mr. Saldaña has seen many start-ups and definetly knows what they need to be succesful!

Later we heard Emilio Sepúlveda, CEO of Natural Machines. Mr. Sepúlveda showed an interesting topic regarding “Health and food for the future” which triggered most of the audience to think about what they will eat in 20 years, how this will be prepared and what the benefits will be for our health.

Directly after Mr. Sepúlveda it was time to shine for José Manuel Barrios, who is in charge of innovation at Applus + Idiada. This company is a global partner of the automotive industry and helps innovating since 1971!  Moreover his topic was about, you already know, “How do you think we will move in the near future?“. While most people still were thinking about what they will eat in 20 years in the back of their head, Mr. Barrios already gave them the next question to think about.

After Mr. Barrios’ topic it’s time for something trending: Neuromarketing. Miquel Nadal, Co-founder of Mornings4 and Neuromarketing expert, gave us interesting insights about “How to be better than a robot” and showed us how to take advantage of technology.

Last but not least it’s up to Pere Valles, CEO of ScytlScytl is considered the fastest growing technological startup in Spain which provides electoral election technology. Mr. Valles gave us an interesting topic about the digital democracy, which connects with the final act of the day; the round table debate about the city of the future. In this debate Alex Rodriguez, Miquel Nadal, José Manuel Barrios, Oriol Bes and Isabel Sabadi spoke about the possibilities and benefits of technology in the cities of the future. During this debate, Miqual Nadal made a special announcement about something that the Marketeer team has been working on for a long time: Ask all your questions to Lucy, the new EventBot of Marketeer. 

The message of Miquel Nadal reached the audience really fast. The audience and the people following the livestream online imediately started to ask Lucy questions via #askMornings4 via Twitter and Messenger! Afterwards the result even surprised us: #askMornings4 was trending topic on Twitter! The audience surprised us, so we also wanted to surprise the audience! We have filmed the whole event with a 360-camera, and the guests who asked Lucy a question will be able to watch the whole event again in 360 with the free VR-glasses we gave! The event closed with a VIP networking with the speakers and the club MORNINGS4. We hope that you enjoyed this first edition of Mornings4, we are looking forward to the next one!

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