Covid-191st VIRTUAL Think Tank
Creative Solutions to avoid a Social and Economic Crisis

Do not fear the Coronavirus. But we must avoid the widespread panic caused by ignorance and uncertainty. We look for open, creative and constructive minds, to offer solutions that bring calm to the population.

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Humanization or Technologization

The future of work is being shaped by two powerful forces: The growing adoption of artificial intelligence in the workplace, and the expansion of the workforce to include both on- and off-balance-sheet talent. What changes could be in store for the workplace, the workforce, and the nature of work itself?

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Future of Society 2020Humans-First
Do not fear the Coronavirus. But we must avoid the widespread panic caused by ignorance and uncertainty. We look for open, creative and constructive minds , to offer solutions that bring tranquility to the population.

Mornings4 brings together the best experts to create creative solutions that provide peace of mind to society in the current situation of health uncertainty.
March 2020

Future of Work 2020#Madrid
What will be the 1st, Humanization of technology
or the technologization of people?

120 selected talented people will debate the future of the work and receive the Trend Report made by NAE
Dec 17th. Madrid, Spain


Mornings4 supports the training of talent, to create leaders and promoters of a more sustainable and efficient world with resources.

Knowledge + Networking

Mentor of Mentors, keeping the spirit and program of the biggest events, but they are of less duration and of groups of up to 50 people.

Nov 27th
Barcelona y Madrid, España

We seek to accelerate growth
We are looking for a synergistic ecosystem

Clarify the uncertainties caused by technological advancement and create a community of informed people who participate in the creation of a better future, with the objective that innovative technologies grow in credibility and early acceptance
Create a methodology to generate a sustainable social welfare in a society in continuous advance that allows to increase the international competitiveness
Creating a vehicle to drive knowledge, a sustainable economy Km0 and its methodology
If you think about improving your future, think about Mornings4
Looking for impact generation points, to benefit the environment
With a positive influence on society and on economic well-being

We design the future
with passion

We have one of the most important groups of leaders and influencers of innovation at the moment in our country. We collaborate with several entities, organizations, and companies involved in innovation and global awareness.


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