Think Tank#Mornings4 Birthday!
The year of Change

We want to enjoy with you our great progress, so we made 3 great Knowledge + Networking events at the end of November in 3 cities: Barcelona, Madrid and Mallorca. 

Think Tank#Mornings4 Alpha
The Exponential Innovation 4.0 : 2nd Edition!

We only talk about important things. Everything that is shaping the world.

A premier learning, hangout, idea-sharing, and networking event hosted every month by Mornings4 and Alpha, bringing the best experts of the 4th Industrial Revolution in a day dedicated to promote the international and local ecosystem.

DEC 11, 6PM

Cambiando el mundoMornings4 University
Mentoring leaders to change the world

Master in Digital Transformation sponsored by Barcelona Technology School that collaborates with Mornings4


Think TankÁgora Next by Mornings4
Tourism Innovation Challenge

Over the last four years they have become what media, speakers, and attendees have called the “TED of travel.”


Jeff BezosWhat is your recipe for success?
Proclaimed the richest man in the world

“You have to be agile and robust to be able to withstand the blows, and you have to be very fast and innovative, it is the best defense against the future, we must always go in the direction of the future, if we move away, he will win“

IMAGINE, BUILD, PROMOTETechnology, science and innovation
for a Better Future

Talking about important things. Meeting the right people. Building a promising World.
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Our meetings

We care a lot about the quality of our content and networking.

The Blockchain Business

What is the blockchain? Among other things, it is one of the buzzwords of recent times. The chain of blocks is also a concept that raises a huge revolution not only in our economy, but in all kinds of areas.

Future of TourismÁgora Next by Mornings4
Tourism Innovation Challenge

Global Tourism Innovation Summit was Agora Next first event and also helped launch a series the most creative business gatherings in the global travel and Tourism industry. Over the last four years they have become what media, speakers, and attendees have called the “TED of travel.”

Nov 30th 2018. Mallorca, Spain

The Exponential Innovation 4.0

We focus on generating the best knowledge and disseminating it, providing value and the best networking. If you want to assist to one of the Best Knowledge + Networking Events in Barcelona, and get the most knowledge, this is your opportunity.



Mornings4 supports the training of talent, to create leaders and promoters of a more sustainable and efficient world with resources.


Knowledge + Networking

Mentor of Mentors, keeping the spirit and program of the biggest events, but they are of less duration and of groups of up to 50 people.

Nov 27th
Barcelona y Madrid, España

World Future Society Summit

We talk and experience the technologies that are revolutionizing the different sectors in this 4 Industrial Revolution, like never before.

HMY Group

We seek to accelerate growth
We are looking for a synergistic ecosystem

Clarify the uncertainties caused by technological advancement and create a community of informed people who participate in the creation of a better future, with the objective that innovative technologies grow in credibility and early acceptance
Create a methodology to generate a sustainable social welfare in a society in continuous advance that allows to increase the international competitiveness
Creating a vehicle to drive knowledge, a sustainable economy Km0 and its methodology
If you think about improving your future, think about Mornings4
Looking for impact generation points, to benefit the environment
With a positive influence on society and on economic well-being

We design the future
with passion

We have one of the most important groups of leaders and influencers of innovation at the moment in our country. We collaborate with several entities, organizations, and companies involved in innovation and global awareness.


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Who We Are

FounderRudy Bianco
Scuba diver, science fiction enthusiast, visionary, entrepreneur, A.I. expert, speaker and author of the book ‘Write Your Future’. Founder and CEO several companies during the last 20+ years related to creativity, advertising, software and A.I.
Co-FounderAthina Sismanidou
MBA, PhD. Data Scientist. Tourism Innovation Expert, has over 20 years of experience in JV, M&A, and business restructuring projects, in the fields of technology, artificial intelligence and big data.
Co-founder · CEO EmorganizerMiquel Nadal Vela
Neuroscience + Time Management + Psychology Expert
Co-fundador. Innovation Manager at BBVAIgnacio Villoch
Innovation & Digital Transformation & Talent Knowmad & Communication. Goals: at this stage, improve my Karma and make this world a better place to live in while